Light of Life

My photo book contains a selection of momentary ethereal lights.  Here are captions for the photographs.

Front cover: just after sunset in winter from Princes Bridge in Melbourne.  The Yarra river seems luminous.

Some versions have a different front cover: sunrise over a mist-shrouded Ararat.

Page 2: just before sunrise, Brunswick.

Page 3: Sunrise, Brunswick

Page 4: Stonehenge inspiration.  Sunrise at the winter solstice, Brunswick.

Page 5: Hawaii sunset

Page 6: Sunset, Great Western, Victoria

Page 7:  Just after sunset, Hawaii

Page 8:  Rainbow, Melbourne

Page 9: Rainbow, Melbourne

Page 10: Rainbow, Cape Range National Park, north western Australia

Page 11: Rainbow, Bali

Page 12:  Sunset, Ningaloo Reef, north western Australia

Page 13:  Storm viewed from St Kilda Pier, Melbourne.

Page 14: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.

Page 15: Yarra River reflections, Melbourne.

Page 16: Rainbow, Puerto Williams, Chile

Page 17: Rain and shafts of sunlight mingle, Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

Page 18:  Sunset, Tierra del Fuego, Chile

Page 19: Aurora Borealis, Tromso, Norway.

Page 20: clockwise from top left.  Sundog, Brunswick, 2012; total eclipse of the sun, Port Douglas 2012; Transit of Venus, Melbourne, 2012; total eclipse of the moon, Melbourne, 2011.

Back cover:  Sunset from Spencer Street Bridge, Melbourne.

Some versions have a different back cover: Morning colour at Philip Island.

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