Charlie Nelson is based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is the founder of foreseechange, a forecasting and insights company.  He has developed a unique forecasting service based on the wisdom of the masses and leading indicators.

He has created a range of cost effective forecasting and insights services which are available online.

Personally, he is interested in the natural world and the enigmas of the ancients.  He has been fortunate to have visited many wonderful parts of the world and recorded a portfolio of photographs.

At the intersection of the professional and personal interests, he researches issues such as the impact of astronomical cycles on rainfall and the factors which influence the general public’s level of belief in climate change.  His curiosity has led him to analyse a range of important issues such as the factors influencing Australia’s road toll.


A sample of Charlie’s photographic portfolio.  See the Images page for more.


Charlie is very interested in the natural world and the achievements of the ancients.  He is fortunate to have travelled quite widely and has recorded many photographs of what he has seen.

He is very concerned about anthropogenic climate change.  He researches the issue and believes that it can be solved.


Russia’s key role in resolving climate change

New Scientist magazine (5 October 2013, page 17) reported that the collapse of the USSR resulted in the largest ever human-made carbon sink. When the USSR split into separate republics in 1991, the loss of government subsidies and privatisation of land resulted in 455,000 square kilometres of farmland being abandoned. As plants reclaimed the land, …

Light of Life

My photo book contains a selection of momentary ethereal lights.  Here are captions for the photographs. Front cover: just after sunset in winter from Princes Bridge in Melbourne.  The Yarra river seems luminous. Some versions have a different front cover: sunrise over a mist-shrouded Ararat. Page 2: just before sunrise, Brunswick. Page 3: Sunrise, Brunswick …


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