Enigma Horizon, a sequel to Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon is a wonderful book by James Hilton concerning Shangri-La in remote Tibet.  It was written in 1933 and the reader is left to wonder whether the events described actually happened and, if so, what happens next.  It offers some hope for the future in the event that a war decimates civilization.

I felt a need to extend the story and have made a beginning in Part 1 of Enigma Horizon.  Hugh Conway makes it back to Shangri-La and takes up the mission placed in his hands by the founding High Lama.  It is mostly a delightful life in the hidden valley which he loves, but all too soon worrying signs emerge.

Conway realizes that he must take action to ensure the success of the mission – that seclusion alone is too risky.  Over time, it becomes clear that he must anticipate the future rather than wait for it to unfold.

Part 1 is available for purchase now and Part 2 is expected to be finished by the end of 2021.